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Intersections Wood Gallery & Studio
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Intersections Wood Gallery & Studio

Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
Please note: Some business hours may vary due to COVID-19.

In 2014 Stephen Hogbin was starting a new chapter in his life. It was time to move to Owen Sound from his home and studio at Lake Charles. An important part of this new chapter was finding the best way to continue his work. The original idea for Intersections was to start a woodworking co-op, a place where members could come and share space, equipment, and cost.

To explore this possibility, Stephen bought together a group of regional artists and woodworkers. Setting up a co-op proved to be too complicated and during these meetings the idea was reshaped into a membership-based organisation. These meetings also introduced the ideas of having a gallery and different studio classes in the space, forming the varied, inclusive character of the organisation today.

Since those early meetings, Intersections has manifested as a diverse space. Located at 10th Street and 3rd Avenue East in Owen Sound at Damnation Corners, Intersections includes a gallery and a woodworking studio, an upstairs library, storage in the basement and apartment units on the 2nd floor, as well as the Georgian Bay Symphony and the Rising Sun Bakery on 3rd Avenue East. Many different members exhibit in the gallery and Stephen spends most of his time in the Studio, which is available to members who have taken our safety courses or have had prior safety training. 

Since early 2017, Pierre Rousseau has become a valued asset to the organisation. Pierre is the main instructor of our studio classes, delivering a wide array of woodworking skills to the larger community. Intersections has other specialty instructors who explore fascinating techniques in courses for everyone from novices to professionals. Our past courses include making dovetails saws and hand planes, tables and cabinets, kitchen spoons and cutting boards, and canoe paddles as well as turning bowls. We will continue to recruit new instructors with specialty interests and develop courses that furnish both the experienced and amateur woodworker with the skills to realize their creative visions.  

299 10th Street East
Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 1S4
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